Vending Solutions

About: Benefits & Details

  • With our vending machines for your employees’ supplies, your business could see cost-saving results in as little as a week. Depending on your business type, we estimate annual savings to be around 30%! Achieve maximum revenue while gaining complete, effortless accountability of every penny spent.

  • The reporting site opens doors for you to observe your employees in a whole new way. You can now say, “John, why did you need four pairs of protective gloves during the course of last week?” or “Steve, you know of our protective eyewear policy. Why haven’t you taken any safety glasses in the last two weeks?”

  • ICR vending machines take a great deal of the workload off of your supply distribution employees. It can be overwhelming when a large number of employees regularly need supplies, especially if you’re trying to remember who has taken what. Let us help: We’ll distribute the product with ease and save you money while doing so.

  • To help avoid abuse and overuse all together, our reporting site allows for daily, weekly, or monthly restrictions to be set. If you don’t want your electricians to be able to vend grinding wheels because their job does not require them, we can set that up. If you want your employees to be more careful about misplacing their hand tools we can restrict them — allowing them only two screwdrivers a month will teach them to hang on to their screwdrivers better.

  • Once your machines are in place, you will have full access to our real-time tracking website. You can be as hands-on, or hands-off, with this website as you want to be. If you want to avoid website interaction, and only want a report of materials sold at the end of every month, we can do that. If you want detailed reports sent to you every morning or at the end of every shift, we can do that.

  • These vending machines also serve as a safety net for you as an employer. Workplace injury lawsuits are on the rise, and having safety supplies available 24/7 can help protect your company. If an employee sustains an eye injury while welding and attempts to blame your company, you now have proof that they vended two pairs of shaded welding glasses every week since employment, therefore he or she is at fault for failing to wear the glasses.